On the Campaign Trail - writercize #119

Although Americans won't elect (or re-elect as the case may be) their next President for over a year, campaign season is already well under way with stubborn congressmen and women, political gaffes, the Republican debates, the vilification of opposing candidates and supporters by religion, economic status and education, the drama of speculation, and, every once in a while, an actual idea or plan on how to heal the hurting economy.

However, I think that at this point, most of the candidates are hoping and praying for one thing.  They hope that you don't listen to a word of their plans, and don't challenge them when being evasive.  The candidates know that they have to appeal to the extremes in the primaries and scale back to the centrists in the "real" election next fall, so they don't want to be cornered too forcefully into any one position.  Instead, they are looking for that magical plug, the right brand combined with the right slogan, to give their constituents hope, a feeling of relativity ... and ultimately sway their vote.

writercize:  Write a political slogan for a presidential campaign.  Think simple and direct.  Also, think relevant to our economic and social times.  

Don't worry, though the task may feel monumental, give it a try and don't be afraid of a little change and evolution as you reflect on your choice. 

To inspired you, some proven examples - Obama: Yes, We Can!  Interestingly, GW Bush ran on "Yes, America Can!" just four years earlier.  Clinton: It's the Economy, Stupid.  For more examples, dating back further than any of my blog readers, or known persons still walking on this earth, all the way to 1840, visit Presidential Campaign Slogans.  It seems the most successful leave out the candidate's name (Perot failed: Ross for Boss) and focus more on the voters than the candidate (Dole failed: The Better Man for a Better America.

Click "read more" for a few writercizer sample responses.  Not quite ready to commit to any of them as shower epiphany worthy, but the flow has begun.  Find the star next to my current fave.

Leave your own Presidential campaign slogan pitch, or two, or three as a comment!
writercizer sample responses: 

  • Because Americans Want to Work
  • Take Stock in America's Future
  • Catch a Ride on Recovery Road
  • Looking Up, Moving Forward
  • **Got Hope? Take Action.
  • Healthy Citizens, Healthy Economy, Healthy Nation


  1. Thanks for the campaign slogan link. I love history. I get a chuckle out of "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too" because John Tyler was an afterthought added to the ticket because he was a southerner. He was totally unqualified, but William Henry Harrison didn't care because the vice president never did anything anyway. Remember Harrison? He died after a month in office and for the first time ever, the VP became the president.


  2. Joyce - glad you enjoyed the link. I was glad to find it. I love all those little nuances in history. Thanks so much for sharing the Harrison story!


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