Colorful Emotion - writercize #125

As promised, a reverse to Emotional Color, writercize #122, from last week!  Same intro as last time, slightly altered writercize.  Have fun and thanks to last week's responders!

I'm not sure of the reason or the origin, nor am I sure if we mirror other languages and societies in this aspect, but in the English language we seem to have an affinity for linking colors with emotion.  

"Green with envy."  "Feeling blue" as a euphemism for depression or sadness.  "Seeing red" to convey rage.  There is something about color that pairs nicely with an emotional image.

In a different spin on my next word game, I'm going to give you colors and I want you to give me an emotion for each. 

writercize:  For each of the five colors listed below, tell me the first emotion it brings to mind. 
  • gold
  • crimson
  • violet
  • neon orange
  • vanilla

Click "read more" for writercizer sample response.  Leave your own as a comment or provide a link back to your blog! writercizer sample response:
gold - confident
crimson - embarrassed
violet - benevolent
neon orange - needy
vanilla - calm


  1. A very interesting and colorful post.



  2. galvanized

    Phew! It's been a while since I last writercized! Feels good!


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