Next Word - writercize #118

Next Word is a game that I bring back to writercize about once a month or so.  It's a really simple word association game - I give you five words and for each you give me the first word that comes to mind.  It's as easy as word play can get, but the fascinating thing about it is seeing how differently all of us process words and thoughts!  

writercize:  Write the first word that comes to mind for each of the following words.
  • pen
  • glue
  • rumble
  • stunt
  • relief
Leave your response as a comment - if you care to explain the relationship between your words please do!  It's always nice to see the back story.

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writercizer sample response:
  • pen --- pig (or as my kids say when their room resembles that of a pig pen - a big old messy mess)
  • glue --- connect
  • rumble --- thunder
  • stunt --- growth (memories of early childhood hearing coffee was not for kids because it would stunt your growth --- i enjoyed a few sips here and there and ended up several inches shorter than my mom or sister.  maybe there was something to that!)
  • relief --- Tums


  1. i love these!
    you should give us a state of mental health reading from them =)

    pen light
    glue stick
    rumble in my tummy
    stunt man
    relief hunger (as in we are the world)

    i think the rest are self explanatory =)

  2. Pen: Ink
    Glue: Stick
    Rumble: Fight
    Stunt: Man
    Relief: Pitcher (And I don't even like baseball!)

  3. Pen: paper
    glue: glitter (I have a 10 year old
    granddaughter who likes to craft)
    Rumble: Basketball (Before all UK basketball games
    the announcer yells - Are you
    ready to rumble!)
    Stunt: man
    relief: pitcher (I'm a baseball fan)

  4. pen-pencil

    I am so surprised that some folks have gotten these simple associations so WRONG! The CORRECT ones are obvious.


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