Guest Writercize - Dawn M. Hamsher - Dress-Up Time!

I am very excited to introduce all of you to the very talented Dawn M. Hamsher, author of The Write Soil blog and purveyor of book reviews, writing exercises, tips, photo prompts, shout-outs and more!  
Be sure to visit her blog and while you're there, check out her series on dialogue - it's short, sweet, visual and very relevant and helpful to all sorts of writers.
Without further ado, I pass the "mike" over to Dawn! Be sure to participate, leave a comment, and visit Dawn's blog. Can't wait to see all your creative answers.
Guest Post: What are you dressing up as?
Dawn M. Hamsher @ The Write Soil (http://thewritesoil.blogspot.com
Hi, I’m Dawn. My blog has writing exercises, tips, comics, and whatever else writing-wise that I get into.
Wow, Alana! I am so excited to do this post! I love writing exercises and I love dressing up (acting and costumes), so I decided to combine the two since it is Halloween time.
Recently I attended the Susquehanna Writers Conference and one of the best tips was write well-thought out, believable characters, setting, and plot. It should be so well done that readers can feel like they are there. The exercise today will give us some practice with this.
writercize: Writing Prompt – What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Write fiction or non-fiction, but make sure you give some good description so readers can “see” it in their minds.
(Read on to see Dawn's response to her writercize challenge:)
Mine… (as in Dawn's)
Dressing Up as a Writer
This Halloween, I will secretly change into my writing costume and become Dawn M. Hamsher, author. Gone is the daily, mild-mannered IT Specialist and in her place emerges Can-Do, Try-Anything Book Writer who is ready to take on any challenge.
To play the part, I will wear my dark gray-patterned newspaper reporter hat. My blogging business card will stick out in anticipation of networking with other Trick-or-Treating writers.
I’ve prepared for years for this moment, purchasing used English textbooks and clearing Border’s book shelves of books on writing. Each book cover holds sweet writing tips, like candy hidden in wrappers, for me to discover. I will learn them. I will use them.
My laptop stands ready. The cursor blinks expectantly. My fingers hover over the keys. My trusty red notebook is opened beside me, filled with story ideas. The characters swirl in my mind, ready to come to life on the page.
This Halloween, I will take risks. I might even dangle from a particle or take a mad dash. What am I waiting for? I have my hat on. I am dressed the part. I can begin.


  1. Love the photo, Dawn!

    Great writercize too!

    I especially liked this -
    Each book cover holds sweet writing tips, like candy hidden in wrappers, for me to discover. I will learn them. I will use them.
    You already have and you already do!
    Thanks for sharing all the tasty sweets you unwrap!

  2. Brianna,
    Thanks girl! Glad you liked the references to candy! I thought that would be appropriate for Halloween. ;0)

  3. Just stopped by to say hi. How are you doing?

  4. Hi Misha! Thanks for stopping by - doing great! ... though half wishing I was living in the Southern hemisphere these days as you are! The days are getting shorter and shorter here. :( Ah well, all the better for a steaming cup of coffee and a little writing inspiration, right?

  5. Dawn - an official thank you for this post, and an attempt at the writercize!

    Here goes ...

    Although I consider myself a pretty creative person, Halloween is like the black hole of my creativity. I never feel as though any idea is unique enough or clever enough, so I sort of start to break out in hives when I think of what to dress up as ... and usually go as myself. I worked for an airline for a while, so I do have that as a go to costume in case of necessity, although it sort of feels more like a trip down memory lane than a Halloween costume as it was daily attire for more than two years!

    So, thinking of this writercize, I elected to admit that figuring out a costume makes me break out in hives, and I will submit to my personal Halloween curse and go as a person who is allergic to the holiday. Itchy red marks battling with bats and witches and Jack-o-Lanterns galore. Perhaps I'll break out the calomine in an attempt to defeat them, or perhaps I'll accept this sad bleep on my otherwise idea-popping brain. ;)

    Now, as far as costumes for my kiddos goes ... this year they elected Minnie Mouse and Rapunzel, but the day after Halloween, they were coming up with outrageous ideas (which I've now sadly blocked) and I was picturing ways to make each one work. So, the good news is that I think it's the selection of the character itself that causes me the trouble - once I have a character to work with I should be able to get going on costume ideas. This is a huge relief!


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