Next Word - writercize #71

Who's ready for a little easy breezy word play fun?  Next word is a writing prompt that I post once every month or so where I list five words and you free associate to the next word.  It's fun.  It's mindless.  It's revealing to see how you relate words to one another.

I imagine the game has roots in my mind attached to Step by Step, a TGIF sitcom from the eighties.  I specifically remember the goofy, dim-witted character Cody trying to remember where he left his keys, and to find them, he free-associated a list of twenty-plus words before arriving at the conclusion.  

There is no doubt that I do the same thing in my daily life, but silently.  My husband often looks at me with a confused look on his face, and I know it's not just the fact we speak two different mother tongues.  It's because something he has said triggered another idea or two or three in my mind, and I don't open my mouth to respond until I'm so far down the chain of thoughts that he has no clue how the discussion is relevant.  I forget he is unable to read all those silent rapid-fire thoughts in my head.  If only I'd married a mind-reader, I suppose ...

Ok, on to the game ...
writing exercise:  Write down the first word that comes to mind for each of these five words:
  • frame
  • bottle
  • castle
  • blink
  • white
I always love to see the basis for the association, so share your reasoning if you are so inclined!

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writercizer sample response:

frame - set-up (as in, "I was framed!")
bottle - message (notes from a deserted island sent as a message in a bottle)
castle - gab (gift of, from Blarney)
blank - check (if only!)
white - horse

1 comment:

  1. frame - didnt do it (i know its more than one, guess i'm guilty)
    bottle - chortle (?)
    castle - white (dont like to eat there, but they make great coffee!)
    blank - check (great minds wish alike)
    white - page (as in i need to get busy!)

    thanks for the prompt!


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