Light Hearted Limerick - writercize #67

Light hearted may not be completely accurate for my daily example, as you shall shortly see, but a limerick it is, and in it's rhythm and rhyme a limerick tends to evoke an airy feeling.

As Tuesday is my news day, it looks like Tuesdays will lean towards word play and short poetry here at writercize, keep your eyes peeled if that's your favorite theme!

writing exercise:  Compose a limerick on the topic of your choice.  Limericks are five line rhyming poems with an AABBA rhyme scheme where the B lines are one beat shorter than the A lines.  Generally, the first line introduces a person on whom the limerick is based.

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writercizer sample:

My eyes may fall out of my head
I really should go straight to bed
but I committed to write
if it takes me all night
so I'll type 'til my computer screen's dead.


  1. Typically I do not compose
    Limericks. I focus on prose.
    But given this challenge
    Has thrown me off balance
    As I think I can write one of those.

    How's that? Thought I'd keep it topical. Limericks can be fun to write. I used to compose them when I was younger, but then again I was more attuned to writing poetry in those days.

    Tossing It Out

    Tossing It Out

  2. Lee and Alana - great limericks!

    I tried to come up with one, but my mind is not cooperating!


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