For the Love of Dad - writercize #70

In case anyone missed the Hallmark signs, targeted advertising campaigns and proud men in restaurants, yesterday was Father's Day.  I do realize it was not Father's Day in the entire world, so if you are outside of the United States and were not aware, you are hereby excused.

In my house, Father's Day fell on this past Thursday.  That morning, the girls and I headed to a friend's house to decorate Popsicle stick photo frames for cute Daddy and me photos to put on the fridge.  Absolutely fun and adorable craft for young tots.  

On the way home, we stopped to buy cards for my husband and my dad and picked up a statuette for my husband of a Dad with his two girls.  When we got home, they decorated the cards full of Mickey and Minnie Mouses and their rudimentary (but adorable!) handwriting and we wrapped the gifts and hid them away, saying "Goodbye 'til Sunday!"

Thing is, the instant my husband walked in the door Thursday evening, my youngest hopped of the couch and shouted, "Daddy, I got you Mickey card!  I have to show you right now!"

A Thursday night Father's Day it was. 

(Bear with me as I pause for a moment: This is my fifth week blogging with the Group Blogging Experience 2, a group of 150+ bloggers who write on a single topic for a post each week.  This week, the prompt was "first love" which combined with Father's Day got me thinking of the earliest love we experience in our lives, the love of our parents, grandparents, siblings and other family members.) 

I am fortunate to have a wonderful mom and dad who have been role models for enduring relationships, treating people and the earth with respect, pursuing creative passions and lifelong education.  Though we may debate at times about the state of the world, I value their insight to my core.  They have always, always made sure that my sister and I knew that family was the most important thing to them, and they would dedicate all the time and love in the world to helping us grow.

There are certainly first crushes and first romantic loves and first loves of hobbies and passions, but rarely is a love as enduring as that for family, so today's writercize focuses on a child's love for dear old Dad.

writing exercise:  Write a Father's Day greeting card.  May be humorous, poetic, sentimental, therapeutic - writer's choice!

Click "read more" for writercizer sample response.

writercizer response: 

from scraped-up knees
to naming the trees,
from walking the beach
to letting me teach,
from casting a line
to studying sine,
from learning to walk
to soul-searching talks,
from watching the stars
to driving in cars,
you were always there holding my hand.
It means so much to know I can lean on you 
for the big things and the little things too.
Happy Dad's Day.


  1. Wonderful post. Love the poem at the end!

  2. dads launch stability, amazing how kids know this and its the woman who puts it on the fridge for digestion!! : ) LOVED THIS and you!

  3. That was very sweet. The love was clear, like a bright star. :)

  4. Very nice. I miss my Dad, who passed away 5 years ago. I got to see my daughters who live 3,500 miles away on Skype for a few minutes and they wished me a Happy Fathers Day. Didn't hear from my son, but he isn't one to remember birthday or special events like that. Fathers Days these days are rather disjointed.

  5. This would be a good prompt to give several weeks before Father's Day, so we'd have something to give. My husband really goes for the don't spend any money type cards.


  6. Really enjoyed reading this. Your love for the men (& mom) in your life rings throughout. The homemade cards or photo frames are keepers and many years from now, he will tear up when he runs across them, you will, too. Wonderful post.

  7. You sound like you are truly blessed. Good post.

  8. That picture frame idea was really great! I love the way kids get so excited to share their gifts. http://myheartblogstoyou.blogspot.com/2011/06/one-moms-first-love.html

  9. Yes, I am fortunate to have a wonderful mom and dad too. There are too few of those around these days. Great post, I want to make Popsicle frames now.

  10. Awww, great tribute to your dad--really, to both of your parents. It's such a gift to have parents who love each other and who create a home environment of loving guidance. You are truly blessed!

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