Know Your Stuff - writercize #AtoZChallenge 3.11

Please note: writercize (a portmanteau of write and exercise with a z for ... a twist? fun? street cred?) is participating in the A to Z Challenge through the month of April with alphabetical writing prompts. I'm skipping the stories behind the prompts so you can spend more time practicing and less time reading! Please participate, and enjoy!

writercize: Take the day off writing and do some research instead. Pick a topic that interests you, but you do not know much about, and research it. 

If you are currently working on a novel or non-fiction work, look for a way to re-energize it with additional knowledge on the subject.

(Catch me repeating myself again? Yep, still in Mexico, lazing around on a hammock and scheduling this post to recycle last year's A to Z Challenge K entry - Knowledge. Think of it as being extra kind to the earth this April with an attempt to reduce, reuse and recycle.

For more background on the writercize from last year, follow this link. Tomorrow, I'll still be away, but the writercize is new, and I'll be back home Monday refreshed and ready for some new challenges!)

I love reading your comments and especially your writercize results, so please, drop me a line to let me know if this worked for you! Better yet, share your attempt with the world in your comment!

And, if you let me know you stopped by, I will be sure to pay you a visit as soon as I am able!

No writercizer sample response on a research day!


  1. Research never hurt anyone, especially those striving to be good writers. Nice post!

  2. Mexico? I'm jealous.
    I like your idea of taking a day. It might just spark new ideas too.

  3. I love this! Such a great idea to stretch the mind.

    Cath from Dramatics and Words

  4. I'd rather be in Mexico doing research *sips margarita - looks up ancient Greece - sips margarita*

  5. Hi from a fellow A-Z traveler! Good suggestion on research.


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