Sing a Sweet Lullaby - writercize #107

My younger daughter (by a mere 11 minutes compared to her twin sister) woke up this morning with a fever of 102.  Since they are generally quite healthy, have never been on antibiotics ... and have had a total of three combined doctor's visits outside of their well-visit (swine flu and two broken collarbones - another story for another day) I was a bit of a mess and a worry-wart.  Luckily, my husband reminded me to be calm so she wouldn't be afraid.  

So, in the interest of staying and conveying calm, I'm in the lullaby mood today.

writercize:  Write a lullaby.  Pick a familiar tune or make up your own.

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writercizer sample response:

(to tune of Brahm's Lullaby)
Go to sleep,
close your eyes.
Let your dreams be your guide.
Mama loves your
heart and mind.
Feel well my little love.
Rest your head
and relax
Welcome sleep to your bed.
Rest your head
and relax
Mama loves you sleepyhead.

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