Edit and Embellish - writercize #109

A good writer should have a handle on the audience's expectations, from formatting to tone to sentence structure, and be able to reel in or expound on an idea according to situational requirements.

Several months ago, I challenged writercizers to write about one concept in three different genres in Genre Play in order to exercise control over the tone while keeping on topic.

Today, I am challenging you to exercise control over length.  Know your audience.  Know your purpose.  Know when to edit and when to embellish.

writercize:  Write four sentences based on the word "mountain."  Interpret it as you wish.  One sentence should be less than 5 words, one should be 6-10, one should be 11-20 words and one should be a minimum of 21 words.  Write in any order.  Sentences do not have to relate to one another.

Click "read more" to see writercizer sample response about the mountainous prompt.  Share your writercize as a comment!
writercizer sample response:


1.  Rough and jagged it stood.

2.  The apex reached to poke holes in the rainless, overgrown clouds.

3.  Crisp white snow dusted the tips of the trees along the timberline, signaling winter was near.

4.  As his lungs strained to coax every last particle of oxygen from the thin atmosphere into his body, he took one look at the daunting face of the cliffs ahead and knew it was time to turn back.


  1. Mountain
    If the argument lasts much longer I’m going to get violent and if it gets much louder the neighbors will call the cops.

    What seems a mountain to you is a mole-hill to me.

    I find your ideas obscured by your heated remarks.

    Arguing seldom has positive results.


  2. Leigh - thanks for sharing - both here as a comment and on your blog! :) I appreciate it! ~Alana


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