Descriptive Word Play - writercize #174 #AtoZChallenge

In March I posted a writercize called Feeling Fruity with very impressive results. 

I invited people to describe the fruit of their choice using descriptive words to describe all five senses. I challenged them to think beyond big, small, stinky, soft, to really garner the essence of the fruit. 

And describe it they did! I was drooling reading through the pictures they painted with words.

There is something to be said about the ability to describe an ordinary thing, such as a piece of fruit, and make it come to life. 

Imagine the marketing power of a wordsmith who can draw a client in with language. Imagine the success of a venture capitalist who can communicate their dream product perfectly. Imagine the movie rights for a novelist who can paint an entire world with words. (Hunger Games, anyone?

Today I challenge you to describe something. Describe its appearance, worth, untouchable essence, if you may, and work beyond simple adjectives to get there.

writercize: Pick an everyday object in your home (ie fridge, sweater, computer, hairbrush). Now describe everything important about it. 

Remember that appearance alone may not be what is most important ... purpose and relationship often count for something in the objects that surround us.

Please share in the comments, and be sure to leave your URL as well!

Click "read more" for writercizer sample response about a desk.
writercizer sample response:

Four thin, sculpted legs rise up together to support the slab of painted wood that holds so much of my life in balance. 

Envelopes, stamps, brightly colored pencils, notebooks, a social network, my writing portfolio, handmade and mosaiced vases and family photos all sit together on my simple white desk, taking their turns commanding my attention. 

The desk sometimes sighs in the center from too many books, or coughs a bit of dust at me, begging for a deep cleansing, but in general, it sits quietly offering up full support and bearing the weight of my busy life.


  1. This is a worthy challenge. Thanks, I'll do just that.

  2. Another great writing exercise. If I were to write about my desk right now, it would have to be a horror story.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

    1. I can only imagine, Lee, a week into this challenge! Thanks for stopping by, as always! I hope you have a wonderful visit with your family visitors!

  3. It blinks.
    I thinks.

    {It's the cursor I'm staring at trying to meet your challenge.}


  4. It stands awkwardly on my mahogany jewelry chest. White plastic, and a halogen light embrace and support the 5-times magnified mirror. Every morning for better or for worse, it magnifies the previous days' worries, joys, and indulgences five fold. It behaves like an honest, long-time friend. It does not lie, it does not sugar-coat what it says.
    What does it say to me? It tells me whether or not I had a goodnight's sleep, if I have been drinking too much or eating the wrong things. It tells me how my health is doing, and sometimes it says I'm worrying too much and not laughing enough because the lines are in the wrong places. Yes, it can be quite the jerk or the best friend, depending on the choices I make.

    1. Hopefully most days it is the best frie d, :) five times magnifiying ... You are brave to give a mirror that much power!

      I especially like the line about the wrinkles being in the wrong places.

  5. I'm now following, Alana (nice biceps). I like the feature with the prompts. Here goes my attempt for your D post:

    "Strong, square, light wood full of writing pieces in various permutations, my desk sits waiting on my command. The warm red stiped lampshade casts a golden glow from the left side of the desk and highlights the dictionaries, the reading in progress, the revision copies, Yoda (toy version) watching me, and my muse Calliope, on the wall above the desk, also watching my progress. I love this desk, a gift from Hubby for Christmas."

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Great! I'll be thinking about this exercise as I sit at my desk and work on my credit packages. Lol

  7. The worst nag in my house, though silent, her blank white face always accuses me. "Should you be doing that, now? Don't you realize you should be doing a hundred other things? You're not going to get that done, you know. Late again, I see."

    I turn away, but the low, steady ticking swells to a drumbeat - or is it just my imagination?

    Describing the watch on my desk.

  8. I love the name and theme of your blog...and this post too!


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