Next Word - writercize #183 #AtoZChallenge

Next word is a game I play once a month or so here at writercize. 

It is a simple word association game meant to loosen the brain and dump out some words. The rules are easy. I give you a word, and you give me the first word that comes to mind. Explanation optional. 

Fans of the Step by Step show back in the nineties may remember the character Cody spewing out word associations, which very well may have planted the seed in my mind. 

Example: I give you the word table, you may say ... dining, or stop, or restaurant, or chair, or elements ... all answers would be correct. Cody would have taken it ten words deep, but I only ask you for one. 

I love to see how meaning is in the eyes of the beholder and get a glimpse into how different minds work. If you want an extra bonus writing twist, create a story using all of your "next words." 

writercize: Tell me the first word that comes to mind for each of the following words: 
  • pop 
  • shake 
  • wood 
  • curl 
  • rock 

Please leave your next words in a comment. I love to see all the different answers! Be sure to leave your website so I can pay you a visit. 

Click "read more" for writercizer sample response. 

writercizer sample response: 

  • Pop: weasel 
  • Shake: quake 
  • Wood: Birnam (from Macbeth) 
  • Curl: snuggle 
  • Rock: and roll


  1. Pop: tart
    Shake: it
    Wood: chuck
    Curl: ing
    Rock: steady

    Hmmm - I am not sure ing is really a word but it wouldnt go away, I tried it a second time after reading yours (and realised I was being dumb, doh) and there was no real improvement. See;

    Pop: bang
    Shake: wobble
    Wood: bench
    Curl: string
    Rock: river

    Fun post.
    Kate @ suddenlyseekingblogs.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Rule number one of writercize - there are no dumb answers!! ;) Great job.

      PS - I was almost drawn to curling too when I was going through it!

  2. pop : rocks
    shake : rattle and roll
    wood : chuck
    curl : eyelash
    rock : shop

    1. Nice!

      Loved pop rocks as a kid. Fun frill with the curl: eyelash connection!

      I am really curious about the rock shop connection.

  3. pop-gun

    1. I love how different these always are. Looks like your shake was right on point with the last commenter, but the others are all new and different. Four people, five different takes. It is really cool to see how one word can mean so many different things to people.

      Thanks so much for writercizing!

  4. pop-can



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