Rhyming Couplets - writercize #95

A couplet is a small slice of poetry involving two lines with similar rhythm that rhyme.  In wikipedia simple terms: "a pair of lines of meter in poetry."  Although the rhyming element is not required in modern couplets, it is common.

Tonight I invite you to hone in on your rhyming skills and write a couple of couplets.  

writing exercise:  Write couplet(s) incorporating the following five words:
  • sweet
  • love
  • blue
  • kiss
  • side
You do not need to rhyme with the given words, but there must be rhyming and you must use these words.  You can use all the words in one couplet, or a series of related or unrelated couplets.  Romance, humor, non-fiction - you choose the mood!

Click "read more" for writercizer sample response of an electronic-age love note.
writercizer response:

"You're my one true love,
my shimmering star high up above.
The world without you
was sadness tainted blue,
so for the rest of life's ride,
it's you I want by my side
to hold and to kiss,
my personal miss,
'cause baby, you're so sweet"
he told the world through a tweet.


  1. such a cute modern poem!
    i did one too and put it on my blog =)
    thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Couplets are nice. Easy to read and you wrote a great poem. Love the modernism in it :)

  3. Sweet love
    Please don't shove
    Berries of blue
    Into the fondue
    And kiss you I will
    Beside the anthill


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