Psyche Up Your City - writercize #96

Hey writercizers -  I'm back from vaca and ready to write, write, write!  And read!  Thanks for sticking around through the summer despite diminished posts.  Hope you all had fabulous visits and vacations, some good reading material and a lot of relaxation.

I've been visiting my hometown of Portland, Oregon, and while I was there I noticed a lot of local advertising directed straight at Portlanders.  It was simple, direct, and read like a bumper sticker.  A local brewery says, "Pints Up Portland!"  A forestry non-profit writes, "Plant It Portland!"  And of course cars can be found all over town sporting the omnipresent "Keep Portland Wierd."

These direct advertising slogans work because it feels like it someone is speaking directly to you and your city's vibe.  Plus, the alliteration is memorable and fun!  Today you'll tap into your city to send a message to its residents.

writercize:  Choose a cause and write a "bumper sticker" slogan for your city.  

Click "read more" for writercizer sample response on energy conservation in LA and literacy in Redondo Beach.
writercizer sample response(s):

Lights off LA!

Write on Redondo!

Read all about it, Redondo!


  1. i was wndering where you were!

    my town is slow, how bout "Get up and go, Ohio!"

  2. haha - yes! get up and go, ohio. love it!

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