Seussercize 1: Create a Creature - writercize #194

As promised, post one of a three part Seussercize series in honor of Theodore Geisel's birthday!

Frequent readers of Theodore Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, his preferred pseudonym, know that his imagination ran wider than the English language. He often created creatures out of nonsense words. Ever meet the Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz? How about the Fiffer-Feffer-Feff? Some of his characters have become so well-known in English that they require no illustration. Think of the Lorax or the Grinch, even the Sneetches. Prior to Seuss, none of these animals existed, but thanks to his creativity and vision, we accept them as a part of our modern-day lexicon.

Today, I invite you to create a creature of your own. You may introduce your creature in literary form with a poem or short story, or you may choose to name your character and illustrate it instead. Please leave me a comment or a link to your own page so that I can see your fabulous imagination at work!

writercize: Create a brand new creature out of a non-sensical word. Think about what you want your character to look like, what it likes and dislikes, how it behaves!

Click "read more" for a character named the Hiccurpeeze that's been living in your writercizer's brain since her early days as a babysitter. This is but a small snippet of who he is. Poor guy has been lying dormant for about 20 years, but one day, the writercizer hopes to get to know him better and give him a story worthy of sales and illustrations.
writercizer sample response:

Oh, have you heard of the Hiccurpeeze?
The monster who hiccups and burps with a sneeze?
Grand as a house, he's tame as a mouse,
but has trouble finding a friend.
For when his big tummy rumbles and rolls
he finds that he tends to offend.
With a hic 
and an urp 
and a showering nose,
kids tip-skip away quickly up on their toes.
Were it not for unfortunate allergies,
he'd no longer be a lonely Hiccurpeeze.
He'd change his name to something nice, 
like Johnny
or Robert
or Ryan.
Then the kids would all see that he's really kind,
sweet, funny, and brave as a lion.
Won't one of you now, pretty, pretty please,
be a good friend to poor Hiccurpeeze?
Give him a chance.
Play a game, share a giggle.
Jump up and down, 
sing out loud, dance and wiggle.
Look past the hics,
the urps,
the runny nose.
For inside you'll a monster
with the heart of a rose.


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  2. This sounds like a lot of fun. I wish I had artistic skills so I could draw the animal as well.

    Dropping in from A to Z Challenge. It's my first year participating.

    Brett Minor
    Transformed Nonconformist


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