Enviro-Poem - writercize #191

Today I just want to play with language and create sounds that flow off the tongue. I want to use words like pop, and slithery, and laden - pretty words and startling words. I want to feel them glide through my mind and out of my mouth and transport me to a place that is not my desk chair in the dim light of the night room.

Join me in this literary romp. 

Combine the tools of onomatopoeia (words that evoke a sound) and alliteration (same beginning letter). Challenge yourself to invoke the inner Latin in your soul and bring fanciful words to light. One does not share a secret, one engages in a clandestine conversation. A gem does not simply sparkle, it shoots stars from within. Play with similes and metaphors. Ooze with adjectives and adverbs. Forget about grammar and the writing rules, and just enjoy the sounds of language.

writercize: Pick a place that you love. Conjure the image, the sights, sounds and smells in your mind's eye. Now paint a picture of that place in words. An environmental piece of grammar-optional poetry.

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writercizer sample response:

occasional blades of grass tuft out from the thick brown soil beneath, poking above the earth like miniature green mohawks.

the air smells of moss and salt and parted clouds.

one tree leans down in a perfect crook - its elbow extending to the ground, bent to offer me a step up to her wide palm.

as i climb, her bark seems to dance as ants march along her deep crevices. dewdrops hidden by leafy shadows throughout the day finally loosen their grip and fall to the ground below.

a nearby rustling tells me that a feline is watching, but for her sound i would not see her. she is camouflaged but for two emerald eyes staring back at me.

she pounces. squawk. a handful of birds leap into action, leaving crackling twigs and a light breeze in their wake.

swooooooosh. crash.
swooooooosh. crash.
swooooooosh. crash.

the waves in the distance keep the beat.


the ships bleat their deep, bellowing calls.

crackle. crickle. crack. crunch.

small animals break the twigs beneath their feet as the scurry and chase along the base of a weathered wooden fence.

i relax into the palm of my tree's trunk and sink into the rhythms of life.


  1. I love your sample! This is a fun exercise, I will have to get back to it.

    Just discovered your blog through Nutschell's writer's workspace and wanted to say hello. Great blog! :)

  2. That was fun.



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