#WeekendWritercize 4 Winner - Mike Miller

Thank you to all the #WeekendWritercize entries this week!  There is so much mystery and intrigue, and as usual I am impressed by your talent.

As a reminder, the challenge was:

writercize: Write the opening to a novel with the following title:
Five O'Clock Shadows. Any genre ok. "Opening" may be interpreted as opening sentence, paragraph or scene. Make me want to read more!
Congratulations to the #WeekendWritercize 4 Winner:

Tough guys do cry.
I chose Mike's novel opener because something major has clearly happened to his friends that we don't know about, but he dealing with it by obsessing about something as mundane as the number of items on his "Tremendous Twelve" diner plate. I can envision myself counting the items and wondering if the restaurant can't count or if they forgot to put something on the plate but staying silent. I love that he is so distraught by this that he cries over it to the waitress, who responds in a snarky diner manner, imperfect grammar and all. I like that Mike shows me that this man's world is crumbling around him, that he is so completely lost, by how he relates to his food. I want to know what is happening.

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Honorable Mention:
Sarah Aisling / @SarahAisling

The depth of this opening drew me in, to see the work that this person has gone through to make his victim comfortable in his presence, from walking into an apartment building nearby to allowing her to see him. He is clearly a man from her past since he has changed his appearance, so I am curious to know their back story. I also really appreciate a two word hanger at the end.

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Once again, congratulations to ALL of the entries and thank you for participating!  I love reading what you write every week and look forward to seeing what you create next week!

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Christopher (chm)
Mike Miller
Dawn M. Hamsher
Aurora Lee
Sarah Aisling


  1. Wow! Thanks Alana! (I will...try....not to cry!) What an honor. Sarah's story start freaked me out too, but I'm wondering Sarah....Is the stalker a vengeful woman?

    1. Oh, excellent question Mike! I hadn't even thought of that possibility.


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