100 Word Liar - writercize #79

Brevity has the power to be a writer's best friend.  A great writer has the ability to compose lyrical prose one moment and cut to the chase the next.  Brevity will help a journalist stay within maximum word counts, a greeting card writer pack a punch, a novelist write a successful query and a copywriter create memorable slogans.

When writing, challenge yourself to summarize the main points in one to two paragraphs and make sure that the summary is at the heart of the matter.  Anything else should support that core story.  You can do this before or after writing, depending on your personal style.  Those who outline and prepare first can do it before sitting down to write the story itself and use it as a road map; those who allow the words to tumble out first and find the story later can use it to guide rewrites.

Today's writercize, inspired by the Group Blogging Experience, challenges you to be succinct.

writing exercise:  Using exactly 100 words (including title), write a story with a beginning, middle and end inspired by the topic of lying.

Click "read more" to see writercizer sample response about how Naomi (meaning: honest) learned deceit.
writercizer reponse:

Hidden Truths

When she was very, very young, Naomi saw her mother spill a bottle of wine on the living room carpet.  Flustered, her mother moved the couch to cover the stain.  When Naomi’s father arrived home that night, he saw the couch had been moved and returned it to its rightful spot, exposing the deep maroon spot.  The next morning, Naomi’s mother called in the maid, accused her of the stain and fired her.  Thus, Naomi’s father was satisfied that justice had been served and her mother breathed a sigh of relief.  Naomi learned wives lie for household peace.


  1. Wow, wow, wow! Well done! I knew that you'd OWN this challenge. :O)

  2. Aw, THANKS Beth! It was a fun one. :)
    Peter - haha.

  3. Great exercise. I have tried writing like this in under 200 words. The 100 word limit will make this more challenging and enjoyable. I look forward to trying this out. Great post.

  4. Thanks Jack - can't wait to see what you come up with.
    Thanks Gill :)

    Ha - Jack and Gill - funny coincidence you're back to back. ;)

  5. OK. Here it is, though I'm not sure it feels like the story is "ended."


    They came to my apartment ostensibly to help me with the laundry. I had a newborn and had to use a Laundromat—thus the help, even though it was Tuesday and we had just spent Father’s Day together.

    Afterward, we ate Subway sandwiches.

    Then Mom said, “We have to talk.”

    “Uh oh. What did we do now?” I quipped, nervous.

    “You are adopted.”

    “You’re lying!”

    “No, we’re not. Your birth mother wants to contact you.”

    “You’re serious?”

    “Yes. She sent us a certified letter. The Canadian laws changed, and the sealed records were opened, so she could find you.”


  6. NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sad story...thank GOD we re learn : )

  7. Great story!!


  8. Great story! (How's that for brevity?)

  9. Alana, I just got done writing on "Liar". I have it scheduled to post tomorrow morning and I linked back to you. Thanks so much! Great word to write about.

    The Write Soil

  10. It all goes back to learning how to come up with your thesis and support it! Thanks for the reminder!

  11. Well written!! I like it. Says a lot about what a woman will do to keep the peace--and what they daughter must have thought. Cheers, Jenn

  12. Dayum! Now the housekeeper is out her job and everything! Too bad she didn't have some resolve or something.

  13. Resolve - I mean the carpet spray. ;-)

  14. Loved your response! In just 100 words you've made me feel several different emotions for the characters while also revealing a lot about their personalities!


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